Friday, February 8, 2008

The Ultimate Boerewors Roll

Boerewors rolls, or boeries, are the staple diet of many a South African. Throwing a piece of braaied boerewors into a buttered roll, then squirting some tomato sauce and mustard in, couldn't be easier, or tastier. We intend to take this to the next level.

Hotdog Rolls
Mello 'n Mild (American Mustard)
Smooth Chutney
Avocado Pear

Make a nice hot fire with your choice of wood, charcoal or brickettes. Once it's ready to cook, throw some boerie on the grill and turn when necessary till not pink inside, but still juicy.

While the boerie is cooking, you can cut the onion in half and slice thinly. Fry these in the pan till soft but with a little bit of crunch and flavour remaining. Slice the tomato and cucumber. Peel and slice the Avo. If the boerie cooks quicker than the prep time, keep it in a closed container to keep warm and juicy.

Butter as many rolls as necessary and place some cucumber, tomato and onion in each. Place a roll length of boerie in the roll. Layer a couple of pieces of avo over the boerie and squirt in a good dose of chutney and mustard.

Devour and repeat! This meal goes well with beer, or if you want to go the whole hog, some brandy and coke goes down well with it.

This picture doesn't serve any purpose besides whetting your appetite a little bit more. How can you resist?!


firefoodie said...

Have just come back to the UK from a holiday in CT. It's -3 deg here, but tonight I'm firing up the braai. Was looking for a good local way to serve boerewors and found you. Even stranger that I will be taking some pics and posting on my own blog, Look out for it!

Ross said...

Will do. If you could, let me know when it's up.

We've been a bit slack on this blog. I'll add something soon. Been braaing almost every night lately. From chicken drumsticks, boerewors, chops and even a few potjies.

firefoodie said...

It's posted, and with a link to your blog. BTW I really like your photography, mine is from a crappy mobile phone camera most of the time. Adds to the spontaneity I suppose but I like yours much better. Anthony.